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With a Master degree in Landscape Architecture at University of Melbourne, and a Bachelor degree of LA at Tongji University in Shanghai,  George Zhuo has over 10 years’  professional experience at Australia’s leading landscape architecture practice before founding CX Landscape. He also carries out the role as an Academic Expert of ECO -SMART LAB of Tongji University.


Working from large-scale landscape planning, infrastructure, greenfield, resort, winery, public realm, golf course and urban design projects all the way down to micro-scale apartment rooftop gardens, vertical green and small courtyards & gardens, and won numerous design competitions and awards throughout the world, George translates his skill and knowledge into the practice of CX Landscape, aiming to innovatively reshape the relationship between humans and nature, in a poetic way.

George Zhuo
Founding Director


Jing Peng has been working in the building industry for over 15 years with experience on projects at various scales and types, with her Master and Bachelor degrees from University of Melbourne and China Agricultural University. She has developed a wide range of professional knowledge and techniques over residential, commercial, infrastructure, public realm, mixed-use developments mainly in South-East Queensland and throughout Australia. Her expertise includes consultation, design development, development application, construction documentation and construction administration. Jing is passionate about providing high standard services through direct contact with clients, consultants and builders, and she is also good at liaising with statutory authorities. Her design principle is focusing on user experience, materials and details, and her design philosophy is ‘Design for Change and Future’.

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Jing Peng
Design Director

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