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Sea Line Park, Melbourne, 2020

Shortlisted Competition Entry of Melbourne Future Park 2050.

Winning entry of China special award in architecture  2019 Jacques Rougerie Foundation Space and Sea Generation.

Sea Line Park is a complex of individual pods with different functions. Freshwater and clean energy are self-supplied; hence a clean environment and healthy communities are assured. Pods are produced by 3D printing robots collecting ocean plastic waste. The park will grow impeccable as resilient and resistant to natural disasters and climate change. When seawater invades the city, the linear park will be segregated from the land, and reform into an island that can cruise away searching a new docking destination or simply float on the sea. A self-sustained living hub, carrying natural resources and civilization, is survived in change. 

Sea Line Park will be an Ark and a floating seed bank that plays a crucial role in preserving vegetation species from 28 Bioregions including hundreds of Victorian Ecological Vegetation Classes, to protect and restore the natural habitats, to maintain and sustain the process of biological evolutionary succession.

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