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Ribbon Bridge, Canberra, 2019

‘Ribbons of Life’ A Living Bridge in Canberra is a competition entry for Remaking Lost Connections design organised by Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA)


The proposed Ribbons of Life is to create a forest shell over the existing road bridge between the Parliament House and the CBD. Imitating a piece of sample bushland from the natural reserve located in the upper stream of the Molonglo River, the forest will cover the concrete shell in an organic form, echoing the green architecture of the Parliament House. Under the shell, the inundated aboriginal art will be revived by projection on the structure to represent the lost cultural heritage.


The forest ribbon is also a wildlife corridor, connecting the parks on the north and south of the lake, width varies from approximately 30 metres to 100 metres, a safe passage for indigenous wildlife. The creation of the organic form has integrated the views to the surrounding landmarks, such as Cook Capitan Memorial Jet on the lake, Natural Museum of Australia on the peninsula in the east-west, proposed new waterfront development on the north-west bank, and the Capital Hill on the south. The west fringe extends into the water becomes a wetland, providing the water access for the passengers and the water plants will contribute to improving water quality.


The other ribbon is the linear park, another independent structure for people passage. Two ribbons twine through the living corridor are separate but have a tight relationship. It provides educational opportunities in the open space while minimising the disturbance to wildlife activities. Solar panels are also integrated into paving to generate clean power for the use of luminance, operation, and possible future transport.

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