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Digital Wave, Australia's Very first 3D Printed Garden,  2023 MIFGS

Australia’s very first fully 3D printed garden has been displayed for 5 days during the ‘2023 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show’.

The exhibition garden explores the new possibilities of creating "mountains" using 3D concrete printing technology. The fluid form of the 3D printed balcony garden with the inspiration from the flow of clouds creates a dynamic and organic appearance with curved shapes, incorporating nature within a small space. 

The background image of the balcony garden is a cyberpunk-style rendering of the future Melbourne CBD created by AI on the Midjourney painting platform. It provides a futuristic vision for the entire garden. The pre-set scenario is a small balcony of a shaded apartment in the future Melbourne CBD, with a less than perfect view of the surrounding high-rise buildings.

3D concrete printing is an additive manufacturing process that creates three-dimensional objects using a specially formulated concrete mixture, deposited layer-by-layer by a 3D printer. Compared to traditional concrete construction methods, it offers faster construction times, reduced material waste, and increased design flexibility, allowing for complex shapes and structures that are difficult to achieve with traditional casting techniques. The fluid form can be customized to fit any space, allowing for truly unique balcony gardens that are tailored to each individual location and requirement. Simple, repetitive balconies can be transformed into lush urban oases that showcase individuality and character.

The integration of advanced digital design with 3D printing technology offers endless possibilities in sustainable construction. The 3D printed balcony garden is just one example of how this technology can be used to create functional and visually stunning designs that also contribute to a more eco-friendly world. With this technology, we can continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in sustainable construction and design.

Designed by :
CX Landscape,

Thedge Pty Ltd,
BDW Architects,

Constructed by :
DC Lab Swinburne,(3D Concrete Printing)

Landart Landscapes,



Lucretia Lighting,

Warners Nursery.

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