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Fengqi Wetland Park, Chengdu, China   2020

CX Landscape prepared this Wetland park competition entry based on the design logic of big data analysis, the topography and satellite data are used to derive the landscape structure, delineate ecological conservation areas and generate wetland forms. Touch the earth lightly, respect the pristine topography, follow the principle of all construction process is ecologically reversible and work with nature. In the era of urban resilience, we explore the possibilities and in-the-site nature of multifunctional urban storm water landscapes, urbanize the wetlands and parknize the city. There are mountains, fields and cities all in this wetland.

The elevated walkway in the hillside forms a landmark geotechnical installation, named “Phoenix Nest” which will be both a regional landmark and a showcase ring for the central Sichuan landscape. Along the way, mountains, water, forests and springs. Walking through this floating ring is like walking through a feast of Sichuan’s landscapes. 

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