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Shanghai Longdong Road Intersections, China  2019

Collaborate with Tongji University, CX Landscape won the competition to designed 4 main road intersectons of Longdong Road, which is a main linkage between Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Main City. The 4 road intersections are the gateways to Zhangjiang Science City from the raised freeway.

The landscape strategy is to identify the charactor of the 4 roads and creates unique design languages. Hightech sculptures such as LED curving screens are proposed to Highlight the gateway stagement. The intersections are also pocket parks for the local residents and visitors providing various function open spaces.

Ecofriendly is another key principle through out the design. Indiginous planting palette is promoted. Raingardens and other water sensitive urban design elements are interweaved with the contemporary design language.

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